Reliability of carbon dating 20 year old dating 16 year old california

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The beta rays given off when C-14 changes to C-12 can be counted with a counting machine such as the Geiger counter.

If many counts per minute (beta rays), are measured, high radioactivity and, therefore, much C-14 is present.

A nitrogen atom hit by one of these neutrons changes into a C-14 atom and ejects a protein.

If a moving neutron enters a nitrogen nucleus, a proton comes flying out, and the nitrogen atom is changed to an atom of C-14. The constancy of C-14 in our atmosphere depends on the cosmic rays coming into the atmosphere at the same rate.

Much of the carbon in the air is C-12, but a small amount of it is C-14.By tipping the glass when the egg starts cooking, one learns when three minutes are up and the boiling should be stopped.One assumes that there is enough sand in the timer so that it takes three minutes for it to move from the top of the glass to the bottom of the glass.He would give this bone a false date because of a false assumption.If the ratio of C-14 to C-12 was much less in the past for any reason, then false dates would be given to such fossils.

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